My name is Abdullah AlSugair. I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I studied industrial engineering at King Saud University. I spend a bit of my time writing short stories, and sometimes I like to make my days thrilling by trading in the stock market.

Why did you apply for the Consultant Development Program (CDP)?

I applied to the CDP to explore multiple industries and sectors, which will help me better envision my career trajectory. Also, I wanted to work in one of the most collaborative environments in the world, and interact with creative and wonderful people at Oliver Wyman. The program is set up to indulge me in hard and exciting problems, which will help me refine core skills and gain new ones at a fast pace.

Tell us more about your daily tasks and the projects that you were working on.

The tasks varied between designing customer journeys to developing a complicated risk model. The combination of projects is amazing as you shift from one industry to the next. In one project, we helped the client build a +$1B company. In another, we dug deep into the operation to optimize revenues. 

Did the program meet your expectations?

The program exceeded my expectations, especially when I look back 6 months and see the huge changes in my toolkit, personality, and the way I look at complex problems.