Heroes Women Role Model Lists 2022 Recognize Six Oliver Wyman Colleagues

September 09, 2022

Every year, the Heroes Women Role Model Lists, supported by Yahoo! Finance, showcase leaders who are driving inclusion for women in business and elevating and enabling diverse talent. 

This year, we have a record six colleagues named in the Lists, and it is the third year running that our European Managing Director Christian Edelmann has been recognized as an Heroes Advocate Executive Role Model. 

Click the links below to see their full award nomination and what each of them bring to our culture, as well as our diversity and inclusion initiatives across the firm.

“We are nowhere near where we need to be. We’ll have achieved equity when no one in the world feels left out because of their gender, and that’s about more than just the workplace.”
—  Amal Khatib, Project Manager and Heroes Women Future Leaders Role Model

“While I have observed progress towards gender equity in financial services over my 20+ years career, we still have a long way to go. Women tend to be over mentored and under sponsored. I’d like to see other sponsors join me in lending their power to call out and remove workplace biases. We won’t do our best work until all staff embrace difference.”
— Catherine Brown, Partner and Heroes Women Executive Role Model

“Creating inclusive workplaces where everyone can succeed is ever essential for today’s organizations. I am very grateful to have met mentors and sponsors who have helped me craft a balanced path to pursue my ambitions and passions and I hope to pay it forward to the next generation of talent.” 
—  Rainie Pan, Partner and Heroes Women Future Leaders Role Model

“I am driven by changing the system to serve all members of society. As we’ve built the Public Sector practice across Europe at Oliver Wyman, we’ve embedded principles of gender equality, sustainable work-life balance and high impact orientated delivery – including championing equal maternity and paternity leaves across the firm. The diversity and growth of the practice is testament to these efforts, which we must continue to champion to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.” 
—  Lisa Quest, Partner and Co-Head of Public Sector, Europe, and Heroes Women Executives Role Model 

“As a Heroes role model, I want to normalize men taking long parental leave. I was able to take a career break after each of my children were born and my extended time off supported my wife’s choice to return earlier to full-time work to pursue her career ambitions.  When parental leave is split equally between two parents across an entire workforce, it reduces the so-called “motherhood penalty” that gives rise to the lower pay and lower progression that affects women.” 
—  Christian Edelmann, Managing Director, Europe, and Heroes Advocate Executives Role Model

“At the time of having a family myself, I noticed both how my own priorities changed and also how companies could leverage family policies to support colleagues to effectively balance parenthood and a successful career.  This is an area that Oliver Wyman has been focusing on for some time supported by our Family Life at Oliver Wyman group, for which I sponsor the Australian chapter.  As part of our focus on the transition into and back from parental leave we have launched Reintegr8 days – which enables a four day work week (while being paid for five) in the initial months back.”
—  Julian Granger Bevan, Partner and Heroes Advocate Executives Role Model


To see the full lists on Yahoo! Finance, click on the links below: