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It's bad to take the robot work out of the robot. We should do human work, which is very value added and let the robot do the very boring stuff
Eric Caen, Chief Digital Officer, Groupe Crédit Agricole

Explore how new blockchain and generative AI technologies are reshaping how banks ideate and spend time with clients.

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Technology is very important for banking, it has always been, but now we are living in a world where everybody is using their smartphone over a hundred times a day. If we don't provide the right user experience using the best of what technology is already in the pocket or in the "accessible" by our customers, then we underdeliver. They all expect great technology being used to simplify how they consume banking services.

AI is a very important aspect of our technology, current technology already. We are using AI to solve problems that humans are not great at. We are starting using Generative AI to find how it could benefit our bankers and, deliver them more time to be face-to-face to the humans. I always say it’s bad to take the robot work out of the robot. We should do human work, which is very value added and let the very boring sutff to the robot, including AI.

Blockchain, and one of its usage, which is tokenization, are very interesting technology. But that being said, we are still looking at the best use case that will have a large return on investment, otherwise we may invest our technology budget in other sectors. So it still has to be proven that it's interesting, and for example, the elephant in the room when we talk about blockchain is of course crypto currency. And no one can say it really helped humanity by any mean, right? So, for now I think tokenization is very interesting because it can allow people to buy a fraction of a fund, for example, we don't necessarily need blockchain to do that, but blockchain can help.

We are not really using technology to do cost killing. We are trying to use technology to augment the productivity and not only to do more boring stuff, but having more time to spend, empathy time, with the clients. During a physical meeting between a banker and a client, a lot of things can happen through the eyes and the appreciation of the context. And sometime it's very difficult and sometime it's worthing, for the customer and for the bank, to invest two hours of time explaining various complex and crazy situation, where a robot would never do that properly, at least for now.