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International Men's Day

On our journey towards gender equity in the workplace and in our society, men have to be engaged as allies and agents of change. They need to be educated and aware of biases and they need to act to support those who are under-represented. 

Formed in partnership with our women’s network (WOW), Men4Change actively engages men and all allies across our business and with our clients to encourage awareness, create dialogue, and instigate action to improve gender equity. The network coordinates three main types of activity.

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Men4Change focuses on gender equity, but we also want to help colleagues understand that experiences are not defined by gender alone. The experiences of Black women are different from White women, and from that of gay women. So men must be allies across more than one dimension
Margarita Economides, Co-founder, Men4Change

November 2021

Podcast: How Men Can Challenge Gender Inequity

Explore the ways men can challenge gender norms, become feminists, and support women at work and at home in this podcast with our Global Head of I&D, Roianne Nedd, and Duncan Mills, a Partner in our London office.

By Roianne Nedd, Duncan Mills

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17:52 min

Award Winners

Male Mentorship

Our research in the report Women in Leadership: Making The Invisible Visible shows that the next breakthrough in gender equity at the senior level will come from sponsorship programmes, where sponsors remove the barriers preventing women from being promoted.

As sponsorships often do not happen organically, Oliver Wyman runs Inspiring Leaders, where we pair women with senior leaders and provide a framework for building a successful sponsorship based on trust, knowledge, shared goals, and compassion.

Women who join Inspiring Leaders are 50% more to still be with the company after three years, compared to women who ae not part of the programme (77% retention versus 53%).

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