// . //  Carbon Neutral Consumer //  Timo Sillober

Fast forward to the year 2030: What were your key products or services that made EnBW a champion in helping B2C customers to reduce their carbon footprint?

Our customers will be able to live a zero emission life without restriction by using a completely CO2 neutral energy ecosystem from home production to storage fully integrated into mobility and heating. Even more importantly the product ecosystem will not only comprise energy only but by creating partnerships with other sectors we will serve E2E customer needs (e.g. mobility or heating as a service).  

Do you perceive a higher awareness for carbon neutrality from your B2C customers compared to several years ago and do you think this will further increase?

Absolutely, we see a rising number of customers who regard carbon neutrality as a prerequisite for any brand.

What role will collaborations play in utilities’ future portfolio of sustainable products and services?

It is a must since we need to look at the E2E customer journey whereby we only deliver parts of. As a result we need to partner and jointly create an E2E experience to make the carbon neutral life a real good experience for our customers. Emobility is a great example, it starts with the purchase or rent of a car down to using and charging it at home but equally abroad. Only if we create an ecosystem with partners that works simple and reliable 24/7 then customers will transition towards it. To create it, different sectors will need to closely collaborate together.