// . //  Carbon Neutral Consumer //  Dr. Victoria Ossadnik

Fast forward to the year 2030: What were your key products or services that made E.ON a champion in helping B2C customers to reduce their carbon footprint?

Our goal was to help our customers reducing their energy consumption by providing tools for increased transparency. To optimize their energy consumption, we also offered a range of services and products to use CO2 neutral energy like affordable green tariffs, solar systems for homes and e-mobility solutions. All of these services and products require a reliable electric grid which E.ON has been providing and constantly improving.

What are key success factors for utilities to succeed in helping B2C customers reducing their carbon footprint?

It is essential for customers to understand their energy usage to reduce their consumption. E.g. smart meters give customers insights on their individual energy consumption of activities (e.g. making coffee), appliances (e.g. dishwasher) as well as behavior (e.g. bathroom temperature at noon). In addition, the usage of sustainable energy needs to increase. To boost production, we enable customers to build solar systems on their roofs.

What potential partners do you see for utilities who want to help B2C?

Envision a home with a solar system, a battery, smart appliances, an electric car and a smart meter – and imagine all of these devices communicate with each other in order to use energy most efficiently. This is great for customers but also opens up endless partnership possibilities: from household appliance providers and car manufacturers to companies that build smart carbon neutral city quarters using solutions like ectogrid.