Understanding The Shopping Journeys In Apparel

A closer look at how consumers shop reveals distinct behavioral segments with implications for manufacturers and retailers.

Whether you shop online or drive to your favorite store, there are many different journeys we, as consumers,  take when shopping for major apparel and footwear brands. In our recent apparel consumer survey, we found, depending on the needs and desires a customer is looking to fulfill, they will shop very differently. For example, customers highly driven to find a particular item will often engage in a “multi-brand” shopping journey, which will take them to stores with multiple brands like department stores where they can browse multiple options. In contrast, customers looking for a quick and easy stop, particularly for basics, will hit a mass retailers.

Our infographic shows how these journeys tend to be taken by certain consumer segments, which may make them more or less attractive to retailers and brands. We believe retailers and manufacturers need to consider how their stores or brands will perform in each shopping journey focusing on particular journeys in order to concentrate resources.


Understanding The Shopping Journeys In Apparel