US Consumers Rethink Grocery

Discounter Lidl recently opened its first stores in the US, and early customers are impressed.

Lidl, one of the world’s largest grocery chains, entered the US grocery market, and we carried out a survey to gain customers’ perspective both before and after they shopped Lidl’s stores.

The outcome may be surprising, as customers scored Lidl high not only on value but also fresh produce, assortment, and overall shopping experience. 

Yet, recent industry reports declare Lidl to be in trouble, citing management changes and loss of shoppers. We think these items are far less relevant in predicting Lidl’s long-term success than the consumer insights we have captured. We are urging food retailers to take action as far as 24 months ahead of Lidl’s entry into their market. Customers, and their potential attraction to Lidl (and Aldi), are the prize that is at stake.

US Consumers Rethink Grocery


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