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ATLAS is Oliver Wyman’s platform for modelling and managing market-linked insurance products.

ATLAS is our ultra-fast, robust, and complete financial management platform for market-linked products with an industry-proven track record of deployment across the entire range of financial management applications, from monthly FP&A projections to daily hedging operations to Statutory and GAAP/IFRS reporting. ATLAS offers unparalleled speed, flexibility, and scalability to support computationally-intensive balance sheet management activities.

ATLAS offers superior functionality enabling the projection of key financial metrics such as earnings and capital, allowing managers to understand the potential P&L or balance sheet impact of different hedging approaches, product strategies, actuarial assumptions, reinsurance and M&A.


The engine is optimized for industry leading performance in computation speed. Fully and seamlessly integrated cloud workflows mean thousands of computing resources are always accessible at the user’s fingertips to bring computation cycle times into the desired range.

In addition, Atlas uses Oliver Wyman’s proprietary in-force compression algorithms, which can reduce the size of the liability in-force – and therefore computational burden – by over a hundred-fold with minimal loss of modeling fidelity.


ATLAS provides complete flexibility in product behaviour, assumptions and liability metrics. It supports typical policy and rider forms through point and click configurations. It also offers advanced programming interfaces to accommodate proprietary behaviours.

ATLAS suite of software serves the full value chain: from inforce loading, to economic scenario generation, to liability projection, to hedging simulation and attribution to financial reporting.

A one-system architecture can simplify a valuation process from weeks to a single day.




Long valuation system run time

Manual construction of reports

No margin for error or additional analysis

One automated workflow

Cloud automated workflow

Automatic reporting

Extensible framework allows for additional  analysis


ATLAS outputs are generic and highly adaptable. It can connect to any up and down stream information systems. This one system can support all annuities needs across the enterprise, be it pricing, hedging, ERM.

Many of our clients have adopted or are adopting a one-model architecture ensures consistency across all metrics. There is no reconciliation across different models, the cost is lower, and they enjoy the ultra-fast and cheap ATLAS cloud-execution across all applications.


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