Webinar: What You Need To Know About Transformation

Location: Virtual Date: September 12, 2023


Business leaders have set out on ambitious transformations to enhance their organization's market position. However, before embarking on a transformation journey, executives need to be fully aware of what makes transformations successful, enabling lasting results and accelerating top-line growth.

Attendees at our webinar honed in on valuable insights and actionable strategies from our latest research on what differentiates successful large-scale transformations from the rest.

The panelists explored findings from our latest Performance Transformation survey of more than 240 C-suite executives in the Americas. According to our research, only 25% of companies fully achieve all of their transformation objectives.

Discussion topics included:

  • The rate of success in business transformations
  • Factors that drive success and factors that hinder it
  • The benefits a company gets from successfully transforming

On-Demand Playback