Deposit tokens – A Foundation for Stable Digital Money

Date: March 2 and 6, 2023


The development of blockchains to facilitate more complex economic activity brings focus to the forms of digital money that may be needed to support blockchain payments at scale. Deposit tokens could become a widely used form of money in the digital asset ecosystem, just as commercial bank money in the form of bank deposits makes up over 90% of circulating money today. Deposit tokens are the equivalent of existing bank deposits but recorded on a blockchain, interoperable with traditional banking infrastructures and protected by the same regulatory safeguards that already support commercial bank deposits.

Throughout these sessions, we discuss the potential and policy considerations of deposit tokens based on the findings of our joint report with Onyx by J.P. Morgan, Deposit tokens – A Foundation for Stable Digital Money.

You can watch the recordings of our sessions below.

Supporting Documents and Recordings


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About Onyx by J.P. Morgan

Onyx by J.P. Morgan is at the forefront of a major shift in the financial services industry. They are the first global bank to offer a blockchain-based platform for wholesale payments transactions, helping to re-architect the way that money, information and assets are moving around the world. They work with large institutions, corporations and fintechs who are interested in leveraging innovative technology solutions to help solve real-world business problems at scale. They have re-architected the infrastructure of value transfer, using intelligent, real-time networks to help unlock the potential of distributed ledger technology. Institutions around the world work with them through secure, open collaboration platforms that integrate quickly and seamlessly across global markets.