The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition

Location: Shanghai, China Date: April 18-27, 2023


The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (also known as Auto Shanghai 2023) is being held from April 18 to April 27 at National Exhibition and Convention Center with the theme "Embracing the New Era of Automobile Industry".

Since its launch in 1985, Auto Shanghai has developed into the most important trade fair for the automotive industry in Asia. A flagship event for Shanghai city, this event will once again serve as a grand platform for car manufacturers and parts suppliers around the world, invigorating the automotive industry, increasing automobile consumption, and forging multinational cooperation for high-quality development within the sector.


Fabian Brandt, Partner and Global Head of Automotive and Industrial Goods, Climate and Sustainability, and Junyi Zhang, Partner and Head of Automotive, Greater China, are invited to discuss the new era of the automotive industry with mainstream international car brands, first-line international parts suppliers, and others.