Webinar: Using AI and Machine Learning to Transform Drug Discovery

Location: Virtual Date: Sep 19, 2022


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly reshaping the healthcare landscape. By tapping into these analytic tools, pharma can develop better targeted care solutions. With 9 out of 10 candidate therapies failing somewhere between phase I trials and regulatory approval, new drug development—which can cost nearly $2.6 billion according to some estimates—is ripe for disruption. AI and machine learning has the potential to help the industry develop more effective drugs quicker and at a lower cost.

In this recent webinar we partnered with BenevolentAI (AMS: BAI), a leading, clinical-stage AI-enabled drug discovery company, which uses AI to integrate scientific data to decipher complex disease biology and generate robust target hypotheses, with the ultimate aim of de-risking drug development and accelerating the delivery of new medicines.


Dr. Ivan Griffin, COO and Co-Founder of BenevolentAI, and Oliver Wyman discussed:

  • How can AI be leveraged in Pharma R&D, and how much will it improve the legacy model?
  • What are the different AI/ML technologies that are currently being leveraged in Pharma R&D, and what are the benefits/drawbacks of each?
  • How did BenevolentAI succeed in having both incumbent Pharma partnerships and a promising own pipeline?