Preparing for the Future Risk Management Function

Emerging Disruptive Risk Management Trends

Date: May 25, 2022 l 1PM ET


The recipe for an effective risk management function in the future is fundamentally changing. In this webinar, we will share and discuss our intimate and recent industry insights on key trends and potential levers for organizations, which can ultimately serve as the cornerstone for ideation within your organization.


The Financial Services industry is undergoing rapid change and disruption, triggered by a collision of technological, societal, and behavioral forces. These forces are introducing new risks and asset classes that fundamentally alter the role and required capabilities of the risk management function of the future.

Based on conversations with over twenty-five global Chief Risk Officers and our work with risk organizations at global financial institutions, we have identified key levers and actions that leading risk organizations are taking to adapt and steer risk management practices, in this backdrop of change and disruption