4th Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit

Location: Hong Kong Date: Oct 27, 2021


Stop. Start. Accelerate. It is the new digital imperative for companies, forever changing the trajectory and velocity of digital transformation of traditional players, digital natives, and new startups. But achieving this imperative is never going to be easy, neither can you do it alone. You need the right infrastructure, data, technologies, talent, processes, partners and ecosystem. With no blueprint and newly discovered best practice, you need a platform to exchange ideas, lessons, strategies, and solutions.

That’s the goal of the 4th Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit, presented by CDOTrends. It serves as a peer exchange platform for digital, IT and business leaders. You will hear first-hand how your peers create value in a complex business environment, what consultants advice as future business models, what key trends that analysts think will shape your universe, how to unlock more out of your data, and what secrets there are to creating ecosystems that shape the success of your company.

Oliver Wyman Partner Ben Simpfendorfer was invited to lead the panel discussion themed "Will Our Digital Transformation Love Affair Survive the Post-Pandemic?"

For the moment, companies are ramping up their digitalization efforts. Yet, some CDOs are secretly concerned that the senior leadership may abort their efforts once the pandemic retreats. This panel will examine:

  • How can CDOs prevent their programs from being aborted midway
  • Ensuring transformation continuity when enthusiasm dies down, failures mount, and results don’t match expectation
  • Real-world lessons in continuing / discontinuing the digital transformation journeys