Virtual Event

Better Boards

Elevating ESG matters at the boardroom

Location: Athens Date: May 27, 2021 | 5:00 pm EEST


Companies are facing increasing pressure from inves­tors, customers, regulators to address and manage ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) in a stronger way. As communities, economies, firms, and in some cases family and friends, struggle with the Covid pandemic, many companies have had to shift priorities. At the same time society is becoming more awake to systemic race and gender issues that have hindered equal opportunity. And the juggernaut coming in our direction is the issue of climate change - with many countries, cities and compa­nies making "net zero" pledges and commitments to the Paris Agreement and regulatory action also driving the need to act to respond to climate challenges. And yet in the midst of all these challenges there is opportunity for companies who are able to focus and integrate ESG into their strategy and operations, and be able to communi­cate this with conviction.

Our partner Jennifer Tsim will introduce the topic during this Better Boards session, organized in Athens (Greece) with the support of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, in association with the Financial Times Board Director Programme, and under the auspices of Leschi Epicheirimatikotitas.


4:30 pm  Registration

5:00 pm The CEO -  Elevating ESG Matters at the BoardroomJennifer Tsim, Partner, Oliver Wyman

  • What is the ESG and why should companies care?
  • What should companies focus on within ESG and what are the opportunities?
  • Climate drill-down
    • How are corporates and financial institutions responding to the climate challenge and what progress has been made?
    • What are the barriers to progress on climate and how can companies achieve their ambitions?
    • What role can financial services play to accelerate transition to a net zero carbon world?

Panel discussion

Konstantinos Makedos - Chairman, Attica Bank SA

Theodora Antonakaki - Bank of Greece

Dinos Benroubi - Mytilineos SA

Maria Alexiou - ESG Senior Advisor, Titan Cement International SA

Michael Spanos - Founder & Managing Director, Global Sustain Group

7:30 pm Close


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