FBF Bank Board Academy - Online Training Program

Sitting On Boards: Better Check And Control Of Risks

Date: 4 June – 2 July, 2021


After the success of the Banking Board Academy we hosted in Rome in July 2019, we are now proud to contribute to the Florence School of Banking and Finance Board Academy, which aims at stimulating and enhancing independent board members’ interactions with supervisors and regulators and among themselves, to ensure consistency and homogeneity of banks’ governance across Europe, provide helpful tools and instruments, and the opportunity to share experiences.

The Academy is launching the first Online Training Programme: Sitting on Boards, Better Check and Control of Risks, which will cover the main risks faced by banks’ Non-Executive Directors. Our partners Andrea Federico and Rico Brandeburg will play an active role by coordinating and leading the session specifically focused on cyber risks: Staying Ahead of the Cyber Challenge.

Given the increasing cyber threat, it is critically important to keep cyber risk management at the center of firms’ enterprise-wide risk and business strategy. Therefore, financial institutions need to continuously evolve cyber risk management capabilities. This need has been further heightened by the significant business and operating model changes introduce through the COVID-19 response (e.g. work from home, move to remote channels). This two hour session will provide banks’ board members with a broad overview of the latest cyber challenge and how to work with executives to address the increasing cyber threat, prioritize investments, and look critically at the level of preparedness of their firm and close the gaps.

Learn more about the Programme here.



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