Commercial Lending After LIBOR

How will the market evolve - a survey of banks and borrowers

Date: January 28, 2021 I 10AM EST


There is about $6 trillion of commercial loans in the United States tied to LIBOR, but after December 31 of this year LIBOR loans will likely not be available. To date there has been little commercial lending using the Federal Reserve’s recommended replacement rate, SOFR, and a series of competitors are in development. Why has SOFR lending been slow? What are the attributes of a successful lending rate? What should banks and borrowers expect? Hear from an Oliver Wyman survey of 20 firms about these issues and our forward projection of the lending rates market.


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Commercial Lending After LIBOR


Webinar Poll Summary

During our webinar we asked attendees to participate in a series of polls. Here are the responses we collected from the audience.