Build, Buy or Rent: Sustainable Fraud Risk Management

Location: Singapore Date: Aug 11, 2021


Many financial institutions (FIs) enter into the common dilemma of “Build, Buy, or Rent” when they are required to setup or overhaul their fraud risk systems. The expert panel weighs in on the pros and cons of each option and what FIs should be considering to be effective against modern day financial crimes.

Discussion points:

  • What are some common challenges FIs face in building Fraud Risk Management systems, and the pros and cons? What are the considerations for FIs regarding build / buy / managed services option?
  • How can Fraud Risk teams and their technology counterparts keep up to speed to the latest fraud trends?
  • What is the landscape for rent / managed services for Fraud Risk Management? How can a business management organisation or vendor manage your infrastructure – pros and cons?
  • How do FIs overcome the obstacles of achieving desired fraud false positive rate and the speed of data ingestion to AI system as it requires specialised skills?
  • Digital trust is a new yardstick to measure business resiliency in a post-pandemic world, what are the attributes that define digital trust for customers?