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Financial Times: Hydrogen Summit

Date: Apr 25, 2021


Hydrogen has enjoyed waves of popularity before but it has never achieved its full potential due to the costs and complexity associated with its development. But is that about to change? With governments now firmly supportive, the next decade could be for hydrogen what the 1990’s were for wind and solar. As a clean energy source, hydrogen can help decarbonise the world’s most polluting industries as well as fuelling our cars, heating our homes and unleashing the full potential of renewable energy. Yet the massive investment required to make hydrogen efficient and cost competitive will not happen without regulation, subsidies and the support of politicians.

Oliver Wyman is pleased to join some of the world's most esteemed hydrogen experts as an Associate Sponsor at this event.


FT Debate: Is Hydrogen Overhyped?

Watch Partner David Knipe speak alongside a panel of esteemed speakers at the FT Hydrogen Summit.

Fast-forward to these key sections of the video:

  • 1:04: Hydrogen’s role in the energy mix looking forward
  • 5:14: New markets for a clean hydrogen industry
  • 8:20: Differences of the latest wave of hydrogen “hype” compared to those of the past
  • 11:18: Paying for the hydrogen economy that is building up
  • 17:57: Mechanisms to encourage the growth of hydrogen
  • 23:08: The reality of using hydrogen for heating
  • 26:03: The role of nuclear in hydrogen


The full agenda for this event can be found here.

Oliver Wyman Session

FT Debate: Is Hydrogen Overhyped?

Is the latest wave of interest in hydrogen hype driven by fossil fuels companies that want to avoid the problem of stranded assets or the answer to cleaning up some of the world’s dirtiest industries? A group of energy experts will sort fact from fiction in an exclusive FT debate.


  • David Knipe | Partner, Energy, Oliver Wyman
  • The Baroness Brown of Cambridge DBE | Deputy Chair, Climate Change Committee
  • Fabio Ranghino | Principal and Head of Sustainability & Strategy, Ambienta
  • Laurent Segalen | Managing Partner, Megawatt-X
  • Moderator: Nathalie Thomas | Energy Correspondent, Financial Times