COVID-19: Retrospective & Prospective

Date: October 27, 2020 | 3.30pm WIB


2020 has been an exceptional year. For the banking sector, this necessitated a thorough testing of business continuity plans, heightened NPLs and provisions and a massive disruption to operating models. In this webinar we want to step back to see what we can learn from the experience of the last 6 months – so that we can prepare better for the coming year and the ‘new normal’. The purpose of this discussion is not to repeat these lessons, nor to add to the volume of near-term predictions for the pandemic, the economy or bank performance. Instead, here we take on board the adage of “never waste a good crisis” and work through the critical elements of bank strategy that need re-thinking as we enter 2021.


  • Review impact of Covid-19 on Indonesia and the banking sector
  • Retrospective: what could we learn from the past 6 months of the crises
  • Prospective: way forward for Indonesian banking
  • Speakers