Traveler Sentiment Survey: Glimpses of Recovery

Date: June 10, 2020 | 10 ET


As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the travel and transportation sector, the question of when and how travelers will return to traveling hangs heavy over the industry. 

To better understand how travelers feel about taking trips again, how their priorities may have changed, and when/how/where they might start traveling again, Oliver Wyman launched a multi-edition Global Traveler Sentiment Survey.

On June 10th please join Oliver Wyman’s transportation and travel experts as they share findings and further insights from the first edition of this nine country consumer survey.



Moderated by Bruce Spear with panelists Olivier Fainsilber, Jessica Stansbury, and Grant Alport, the webinar will unpack survey trends on how COVID-19 will alter short and long-term outlooks for travel, including:

  • Survey trend #1 - Shifts in travel patterns and preferences: What will be key drivers of demand recovery and how will this impact the industry?  What are the expected shifts in transport mode preferences in the near to mid-term?
  • Survey trend #2 - Cleanliness and consumer confidence: How critical is cleanliness to traveler trust and confidence levels? What will this mean for travelers as they consider their end-to-end travel experience? What are the implications for businesses in the travel space?
  • Survey trend #3 - Leisure vs. Business:  How will these two segments differ in their recovery return and why? Are there longer term structural considerations for the business travel segment?

There will also be a Q&A session for participants to engage with the panelists.



Prior to the traditional vacation season, Oliver Wyman conducted a survey of travelers across nine countries (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, China, and Australia) to capture how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting attitudes and opinions on travel. This is the first of a series of surveys that will chart how travelers’ views change as the pandemic — and responses to it — evolve. The first edition report covers a detailed analysis of the following areas: 

  • Post-pandemic travel planning
  • Reigniting travel demand
  • Leisure travel post-COVID-19
  • Business travel 
  • Travel restrictions, domestic and international trips 
  • Changing travel preferences and travel patterns
  • Air travel decision factors, airline cleaning policies 
  • Hospitality, large hotels and home rentals 
  • Travel and tourism recovery from COVID-19 pandemic

To read the full Global Traveler Sentiment survey results click here: Glimpses of Recovery

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