The Non-performing Loans Tsunami: A high growth segment

Private Equity and COVID-19 Webinar Series

Date: July 3, 2020


We are excited to share our views on one of the largest and most actionable themes that will materialize on the back of COVID-19: The Non-performing Loans (NPL) Tsunami: A high growth segment. This theme is among the largest arising from the pandemic. It is also one of the few high growth areas we will see in the coming quarters, and there is still some time to gear up to seize the opportunity.

The webinar covers:

  • Updated outlook on the Financial Services industry on the back of COVID-19
  • Asset-light opportunities: asset-light, business service companies that will see demand for their services spike up
  • Balance-sheet opportunities: size and attractiveness of the opportunity to deploy capital to acquire NPLs and work through them
  • A panel discussion with our Partners covering the key European markets