ConnecTechAsia 2019 Summit

Location: Singapore Date: 18 – 20 June 2019


ConnecTechAsia2019 Summit is the preferred conference in Asia for innovative sessions by technology’s rising stars and thought-provoking conversations with fellow industry peers. Think three packed days of inspiring keynotes, focused tracks and engagement sessions with decision makers, sectoral stakeholders and digital communities. A supercharged arena powered by strong thought leadership, the Summit is inspired by innovators and enablers, tech superstars and leading organisations at the forefront of digital disruption.


1. Future of Cities and Economies: Industry Focus 4.0

Opening Keynote: Asian Smart cities: Are You Ready for the Disrupted Future?

  • Jacob Hook, Managing Partner, Asia-Pacific, Oliver Wyman

City readiness for a disrupted future is the foundational theme for future cities and economies to prepare for the opportunities and risks that digital disruptions will bring.

Over half our world’s population lives in cities today and their rapid growths suggest they will become even greater economic powers. There are increasingly more complex demands on critical infrastructure, policy makers, educators, and industry leaders across global cities. Competition intensifies as leaders position their cities as ideal places to live, learn, work, and invest – while being mindful to respond to technological shifts to succeed.

Identifying the set of governing criteria becomes critical to move the success needle and tap on the opportunities amongst the many vulnerabilities exposed to the leading cities in the face of technological disruptions. Today, we’ll look across Asia: which future city is winning? What is the city readiness for embracing the opportunities and managing the challenges of AI? And which ‘sleeper’ cities should current leaders be looking out for?

2. Future of Work : The Edge, Connected Cloud

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly : Are You Ready To Move to Multi-cloud?

  • Moderator : Darren Thayre, Partner - Head of Asia Pacific (Technology Practice), Oliver Wyman

Enterprises are used to having multiple suppliers; in a cloud context that makes engineering, security and operations more complex, introduces risk and often reduces the opportunity to get volume discounts. Inevitably, multi-cloud is nearly always more expensive. But how do we choose the right vendor(s) since they all provide different services and what criteria should we use to define the preferred one or two providers?

Is cloud arbitrage a myth? Clients have spent millions building cloud broker layers, to move workloads between cloud providers, but this approach loses a lot of cloud benefits and increases complexity. Also, what are some of the cloud best practices? Cloud providers are innovating at an accelerated pace such that industry best practices change regularly. How do businesses keep up with that?

Finally, talent. Do we have a team for each cloud application or do we get teams to manage and work across multiple clouds?