Charity Meetup: Supercharging Email Marketing

Location: London, UK Date: Mar 26, 2018


Charity Meetup events bring together people from charities and non-profits of all sizes to learn, engage and make connections. This quarter’s event focused on email marketing and how charities can use it to optimise their reach and engagement.

This event was hosted in our London office, led by our UK Social Impact co-ordinators Dawn Kelly and Amy Spruce. They welcomed participants with a talk that shared how we are using our consulting skills to create meaningful impact in society.

 Dawn Newton from Morello Marketing discussed email marketing and Glyn Thomas, a digital strategy advisor to the charitable sector, discussed what happened to him after he signed up  to 100 charities’ email lists. Leah Waller, a solicitor, led a Q&A session on GDPR.

It’s important for me to understand how to use my skills to contribute to society and make the world a better place.
Amy Spruce, Consultant




Oliver Wyman Team

Amy Spruce

Dawn Kelly