Social Impact

Second Chance Schools

Réseau E2C is a non-profit organization giving education and training to young people, aged 16-25, who lack educational background and professional experiences. With more than 15,000 trainees a year, Réseau E2C has experienced a strong growth in demand since its founding. Oliver Wyman worked with the non-profit to assess their performance and efficiency, and to define their extended value proposition in supporting NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) to return to training or employment.

Working alongside Alpha Omega and Réseau E2C France to maximize Réseau E2C’s impact in France was a truly enriching experience and a great opportunity for the team to apply our collaborative work approach as well as our consulting skills and expertise to a very different problem
Muriel Schtickzelle, Partner

In a context of acute competition, pressure on costs and financing, plus the Covid-19 crisis, Réseau E2C asked for Oliver Wyman's help to assess their efficiency and create a toolbox to help schools directors manage costs. We helped further by developing a value proposition and demonstrating its quality to Réseau E2C's main stakeholders, which include the government, corporates, and funders.

It has been an inspiring experience and a great illustration of how Oliver Wyman can help drive actual changes. I was amazed by the passion and commitment of AlphaOmega and Réseau E2C France to make education a lever for employment and growth, and was honored to get a chance to help them in that mission
Maud Dubois, Associate

The project was a part of Oliver Wyman’s partnership with Alpha Omega, a French foundation bringing financial, strategic, and operational support to the best educational charities to help them scale up and boost social mobility. The project ran over three months during which the Oliver Wyman team worked very closely with the directors of several schools from Réseau E2C France, Alpha Omega, and the Réseau E2C France leadership to build actionable recommendations.

The Oliver Wyman team showed a strong commitment and great skills in managing the various stakeholders. Their ability to listen and to articulate and formalize ideas enabled them to convincingly highlight the strength of Réseau E2C France. They were also able to identify key elements to reinforce to further encourage social & professional insertion of young people. The project provided Réseau E2Cs France with concrete proposals for evaluating and strengthening their efficiency
Victor Meunier AlphaOmega

As a result of the team’s work, Réseau E2C holds tools to further raise awareness of the quality of the program and attract new students to go beyond the 15,000 students currently supported. Furthermore, E2C schools' directors now have access to an actionable toolbox to help them manage costs and ensure the continuity of the program.

This project was a unique opportunity to leverage typical consulting skills for a high-impact and non-profit cause: the social & professional insertion of young people. On the one hand, we deepened our understanding of the non-profit sector, its ways of working, but also the key issues the sector is facing. On the other hand, it was a great opportunity to work hand in hand with Réseau E2C, Alpha Omega foundation, but also a large number of school directors who are on the ground alongside student
Alexia Hugon, Senior Consultant