Building a strong foundation for a future of sustainable development

OroVerde (English: "Green Gold") is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been committed to the preservation of tropical rainforests for 30 years. What makes OroVerde special is the interface between nature conservation and development cooperation. In the current predominantly Latin American partner countries, OroVerde works closely with partner organizations and the local population in order to achieve sustainable results. In Germany, OroVerde conducts educational and public relations work to create more awareness of tropical forest protection. 

With the help of Oliver Wyman's team, we have positioned ourselves well for the future. Because we have grown strongly in recent years, we needed a basis to create professional structures and processes for OroVerde. Together with Oliver Wyman's team, we developed a mission statement, worked out strategic planning and defined a robust organizational structure. Now we can consciously decide how strongly and in which areas we want to grow and control the processes in a targeted manner. I am delighted with the result
Martina Schaub, Board Member, Oroverde

Oliver Wyman supported OroVerde as part of a six-week project developing the mission statement and strategy as well as professionalizing the organizational structures. This had become necessary because OroVerde had won new projects in recent years and had grown immensely. The core of the project with Oliver Wyman was the foundation board meeting of the organization, which the Oliver Wyman team prepared and moderated together with new board member Martina Schaub. At the closed meeting, the OroVerde team worked out drafts for the mission statement and strategic measures in small groups, which were solidified in the second half of the project together with Oliver Wyman.

Intact tropical rainforests are the key to our climate. OroVerde makes an outstanding contribution to their protection on site and here in Germany. I am proud to have accompanied OroVerde on their way and to take some of this understanding with me to support change in the financial sector

At the end of the project with Oliver Wyman, there was a fully formulated mission statement, specific strategic goals and measures, as well as a professional, future-oriented organizational structure. OroVerde is thus positioned for the future to make its work for tropical forest protection at the interface between environmental and development work even more effective in the future. The implementation of the jointly developed strategic measures will enable OroVerde to use not only project and educational work, but also political work as a further lever in tropical forest protection in order to actively shape the framework conditions in Germany and in project countries in the future.

We found it incredibly enriching to work for an NGO outside of the normal day-to-day project work. The employees are incredibly intrinsically motivated and have given us completely new perspectives on climate issues