Social Impact


Best practice model for organization-wide knowledge transfer

More than 150 million people worldwide are in need of a pair of glasses but cannot afford it. As a result, they miss their chance to pursue an education or career. OneDollarGlasses’ aim is to offer people in developing countries sustainable access to affordable glasses. Both the production and the sale of the glasses happen locally, creating additional jobs in the respective countries. OneDollarGlasses is a German organization that was founded six years ago and is active in eight countries across all continents. While the rapid growth offers many opportunities, it also creates new challenges for the organization. As a result, it was becoming increasingly difficult for OneDollarGlasses to share their experiences across different developing countries and to implement them effectively.


In close collaboration with OneDollarGlasses, Oliver Wyman developed a concept to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences across the entire organization. As part of a six-week project, we developed a best practice operating model together. The basis for this operating model was an extensive status quo analysis across all eight project countries and a benchmarking study with other social and commercial organizations. In alignment with the benchmarking results, we developed principles for the transfer process of best practice. Based on these principles, we were able to develop the operating model and plan for its integration into the organization.

Many thanks to the Oliver Wyman consultants who jointly developed a concrete solution with us. Aside from their professional methodological approach, we were particularly impressed by how the team adapted to the particularities of our social business
Martin Aufmuth, Founder, OneDollarGlasses


In the future, the Best Practice operating model will enable OneDollarGlasses to systematically capture, share and implement their knowledge across project countries. This way, the existing project countries can implement proven concepts and apply their resources more effectively. The implementation of the best practice operating models sets the foundation of OneDollarGlasses’ expansion into additional developing countries.


Lars Stolz
Sustainability plays a huge role for Oliver Wyman, so we were all the more delighted to support an organization like OneDollarGlasses which stands for sustainability and self-sufficiency. With the support of our strategy development, we hope to bring them closer to their vision
Lars Stolz Partner Oliver Wyman