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La Mie De Pain

La Mie de Pain

Developing Employment Opportunities through New Partnerships

La Mie de Pain has been a long-standing partner of Oliver Wyman’s Paris office, and we have undertaken a range of activities for the organisation, including fundraising, furniture donation, volunteer work, and the non-profit fellowship of Julie Chatelard, an associate manager.

Thus, Oliver Wyman chose to further develop its sponsorship with La Mie de Pain through the first Social Impact project for our Paris Office. Oliver Wyman decided to support La Mie de Pain’s IAE department, which trains and prepares around 80 unemployed people for jobs in the catering and cleaning sectors, with the final objective of enabling them to return to a ‘normal’ life.

In this context, the IAE department had the ambitious goal to develop new partnerships with corporations, public institutions, and other social businesses in order to provide both professional and social support to the employees and to increase the potential job/internship opportunities for the beneficiaries of the programme.


In a seven-week project, Oliver Wyman supported La Mie die Pain to identify partnership targets, prepare their communication approach, and organise their implementation plan internally. Thus, criteria were created to select potential partners. Twelve types of potential partners were defined, leading to 12 value propositions for each category. In addition, three specific propositions for targeted organisations were developed.  Finally, Oliver Wyman developed communication documents detailing the IAE integration sites and the benefits for organisations to become partners, as well as an implementation plan to contact the targeted organisations and to organise the upcoming work internally.

Oliver Wyman brought a methodology and helped us co-create tools and deliverables so that we will be able to continue the work afterwards
La Mie de Pain


The IAE department now has refined the strategy and the tools needed to strengthen their partnerships across cleaning and catering sectors, which will allow them to support more people to return to work. Oliver Wyman is continuing to work with La Mie de Pain to measure their impact and to ensure that our collaboration translates into concrete work opportunities to increase the number of people they are able to reintegrate.

The best reward is seeing clients creating the full range of value propositions in adapting our methodology on concrete examples
Julie Chatelard Oliver Wyman