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Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise

Strengthening an Operating Model to Enable Future Growth


Oliver Wyman was engaged for a total of eight weeks to map, assess against need, and improve processes across the organisation, readying the organisation for the selection and implementation of new workflow systems.

The Oliver Wyman team worked with the organisation to detail existing processes and systems, piecing together a comprehensive “blueprint” of operations. “Pinch points” in existing processes were identified and root-cause analysis was conducted to identify resolutions across organisational, process and systems dimensions. A detailed technical specification was then prepared to support the acquisition of new workflow systems, laying out a detailed set of functional and non-functional requirements and potential future phases of implementation.

Thank you for a really thoughtful and insightful piece of work which was excellently presented today. It has given us a lot of ideas and some things that we can get started on right away – a good combination
Enabling Enterprise


During the project, “quick win” actions were identified and implemented which led to immediate improvements in the organisation’s processes. Following the project, Enabling Enterprise was able to access funding for new workflow systems, which have subsequently been implemented. It has also received excellent feedback from potential investors around the steps it has taken to improve processes.

Working with a small social enterprise gave us the chance to see real change and have huge impact throughout the project, as well as experiencing the brilliant work that the organisation does on a day-to-day basis
Susie Reckitt Oliver Wyman