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Advancement of strategic steering MSF Germany

Médicins sans Frontières (Doctors without borders) is a non-government organization (NGO) with the aim to provide medical assistance for those in need regardless of ethnicity or personal views. Moreover, the organization aims to inform the public concerning medical emergencies. Being part of an international network, the German section coordinates projects in eight countries. Furthermore, the German section supports projects in other countries by providing qualified personnel and fundraising income as well as by conducting public communication concerning the organization’s activities.


Oliver Wyman supported MSF Germany during a six week engagement with a review and an advancement of the strategic organization steering. The analyses were based on a comprehensive review of existing management reporting, KPIs and planning processes. Conducting comparisons with best practices, individual actions were developed to improve steering effectiveness and efficiency.

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The Oliver Wyman team took on board our organizational culture which was key to building trust at the beginning. The deep conversations facilitated self-reflection and opened up new perspectives to us. The expertise the team brought to the project combined with the depth of analyses carried out resulted in actionable suggestions which we plan to develop further, communicate and implement. We are confident that we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves in the process and thereby make our planning and reporting process more effective, decision-oriented and tailored for the respective stakeholders
Florian Westphal, General Director , Médecins Sans Frontières Germany


Implementing the actions would permit MSF Germany a reporting targeted at relevant decision makers and hence a more effective organization steering along the most relevant KPIs. Moreover, adjustments to the planning process would permit a significant improvement of budget accuracy. Therefore, commitments regarding financial contributions to the international network would be made earlier and more accurately, which facilitates the direct investment of funds into medical and humanitarian aid projects.