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Ending homelessness research support


Crisis is a charity for homeless people in the UK, dedicated to tackling homelessness through its life-changing services and campaigning for change. Crisis offers its services and advice directly to homeless individuals across England, Scotland and Wales, with a focus on employment, education, housing, and health and wellbeing. Crisis also places itself at the forefront of homelessness research and political campaign action. At the heart of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Crisis is in the early stages of developing a new five-year strategy to end homelessness – and Oliver Wyman’s research forms a foundation for this important piece of work.

I have never been on another project where I have felt that the work I was doing will have a real impact on people’s lives. The content was fascinating, the work was engaging and the client was incredibly appreciative. It really motivates you to come to work in the morning determined to do the best work you can for a great cause
Mason Kroll


Oliver Wyman worked side-by-side with Crisis in September and October 2016 to produce a research
report which analyses how external trends have shaped and may continue to shape:

• The total level of homelessness in England, Scotland and Wales.
• The supply and demand for different services offered by charities to the homeless.
• Funding levels for homelessness relief.

The team from Oliver Wyman drew upon the firm’s analytical expertise and a range of different evaluative techniques, both quantitative and qualitative in nature. Our consultants used statistical regression to investigate correlations between various macroeconomic drivers and the level of homelessness in the UK. More qualitative evaluations included an independent review of services supplied by other charitable organizations and a review of recent and planned government policies.

We supported Crisis in the analysis of trends affecting UK homelessness, provision of services to the homeless and trends on giving to homeless charities. This will be used by Crisis to help them develop their five year strategy as they seek to make a material impact on the level of homelessness in the UK. A great example of Oliver Wyman making a real difference to the communities in which we live and work
Mark Dynes


The report provides answers to important strategic questions such as “What is the expected future state of homelessness based on past trends?” and “What are the key trends in how UK individuals donate and how will these evolve?” Trends and conclusions from our report will be used throughout 2017 to support discussion and debate as Crisis develops its new five-year strategy. To kick start this process, Oliver Wyman presented conclusions and recommendations from its report to the Board of Trustees in November 2016.