Social Impact

Climate Bonds Initiative

Mobilizing global capital for climate change


Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) works to mobilize global capital for climate change solutions, promoting investment in projects and assets that enable transition a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. Its primary activities include the definition of standards for climate-aligned investments, support for governments launching climate finance policies, and market intelligence.

It was great to work with an organization and committed individuals who have already had a significant impact in the creation of the green bond market – a market that is critical to alleviating the climate emergency – and helping them adapt to market developments and determine a new strategy to increase their impact over the next few years
Simon Cooper, Partner


CBI has facilitated rapid growth in the global green bonds market and as a result needed to develop a new business plan for the next stage of its development. Oliver Wyman supported CBI in reviewing its three-year strategy and defining an operating model to support further growth. This included refreshing CBI’s vision and strategic objectives, identifying high-priority markets and activities, and analyzing the financial model required to deliver on CBI’s ambitions.

I am very proud of our work with Climate Bonds Initiative to refresh the organization’s strategy and set it up for further growth. It has also been a great pleasure to work with CBI’s extraordinary team. They have already transformed the climate finance market but there is so much more to do!
Slav Losevs, Engagement Manager


The refreshed strategic direction will help CBI prioritize projects and initiatives with the highest impact on global de-carbonization. Clearer articulation of its vision and positioning within the global climate finance ecosystem will facilitate CBI’s engagement with partners, funders, employees, and other stakeholders. Alignment of financial and operating model with the strategy will help deliver growth in a sustainable manner.

We are so grateful to Oliver Wyman for taking us on as part of their social impact program, it has been so valuable during this exciting time of growth for our organization. You assisted us in building out our next-phase growth strategy that will enhance our mission while bringing in more revenue generating opportunities to meet our objectives. As a nonprofit, we would never have been able to access the level of professional services you provided!
Justine Leigh-Bell, Deputy CEO