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City Colleges Of Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago

Clinical Partnerships for Healthcare Students

The City Colleges of Chicago is the largest community college system in Illinois and one of the largest community college systems in the United States. The system is currently undergoing a major transformation named rReinvention, with the goal of creating a new structure that will better prepare students for future employment and educational opportunities. Specifically, their seven campuses are being restructured such that each campus aligns with an industry (e.g., healthcare, information technology), allowing for greater focus and coordination to create streamlined, yet holistic, industry-specific programmes.

The City Colleges of Chicago has been supported by the Civic Consulting Alliance throughout since the rReinvention was launched five years ago. The Civic Consulting Alliance is a partnership that focuses on solving major civic issues in the Chicago area by working together with business experts and government leaders.


Over the course of six weeks, Oliver Wyman designed a strategy for Malcolm X College to effectively manage and govern its clinical partnerships. The team, working together with the Civic Consulting Alliance, diagnosed the current state of clinical partnerships at Malcolm X College, benchmarked other educational institutions, and developed recommendations that the college could implement to improve the quality of its clinical partnerships.


As a result of the clinical strategy developed by Oliver Wyman and the Civic Consulting Alliance, Malcolm X College and the City Colleges will be able to ensure that more of its students experience high-quality clinical rotations. This will have a direct effect on the economic value of the students’ degrees, as students will be better positioned for both employment opportunities and continuing education, ultimately better serving the Chicago community.

We often get to work on complex issues for global clients, but the ability to see the impact of our consulting skillset on our local community has been truly rewarding
Vinay Menon Oliver Wyman