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CBM International

Fundraising strategy and optimization of donation and payment methods

"No human should be blind or suffer from his disabilities, if we can prevent it." For more than 100 years this is the credo of the Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM). The international development organization is fighting for a better life of people suffering from blindness and other disabilities, in projects around the globe. Breaking the circle of extreme poverty and disabilities is possible – this is what CBM and supporters from all over the world are standing up for.

The professionalism and humanity of our contact persons at Oliver Wyman, coupled with efficiency in processing, have impressed us very much
Susanne Wohmann, Head of Fundraising Division, Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM)


During a six-week project, Oliver Wyman was supporting CBM to develop a new campaign strategy which is especially attracting younger donors below the age of 35. Starting with definition and characterization of relevant target segments, Oliver Wyman then helped to identify suitable communication channels, preferred ways to seek for information, and favored messages when reading about nonprofit organizations. Bringing together these ideas with new donation products and payment methods was providing a holistic picture of the new generation of donors. Hypotheses have been validated with the help of a survey done as part of the project, as well as Oliver Wyman’s insights to current payments trends.

The project team could also identify additional instruments to enable a sustainable increase of donation volumes, such as specific cooperation, crowdfunding or apps.

All results have been translated to an implementation plan with dedicated measures, to enable CBM to include these ideas in their overall strategy. A newly developed tool helps CBM to analyze donor data regularly and effortlessly.

Oliver Wyman provided us with excellent future- and practice-oriented tools. This high usability of the results is simply convincing
Mark Ankerstein, Head of Communication & Programs Division, Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM)


The defined measures help to increase brand value, awareness, and reach in the younger target group. Ultimately, all three will help to increase donation volume. In addition, more specific donation products and payment methods will simplify the process of donating and reduce the barriers to convert interested people to active donors.