Social Impact

AlphaOmega Foundation

Supporting the Normandy Region for Greater Social Impact


Oliver Wyman has created a strong relationship with AlphaOmega Foundation, a Venture Philanthropy Foundation, acting as a social growth accelerator. The AlphaOmega Foundation aims to bring financial, strategic, and operational support to the best educational charities for them to scale up and boost upward social mobility.

Created in the early 1980s, Missions Locales is a network of local associations. They target unemployed people from 16 to 25-years-old (“beneficiaries”), helping them find solutions to all the obstacles in their access to employment. Each Mission Locale is independent, but they have a governance structure at regional and national level.

Oliver Wyman and AlphaOmega Foundation joined their efforts to support the Normandy Region governance structure of Missions Locales in a project to be replicated for all the Missions Locales whichever region they are located in.

The more I am working with the associations supported by AlphaOmega Foundation, the more I am amazed by their unparalleled impact on their beneficiaries. By helping define the measure of this impact, I hope that this will increase attention, audience and therefore impact!
Anne Pruvot, Partner


The objectives of the project were two-fold: first, consolidate the value proposition of Missions Locales to best meet the needs of beneficiaries relying on the main strengths of the local Mission network, and second, analyze the operating budget in order to redirect spending toward activities with the greatest social impact, according to the redefined value proposition.

Missions Locales in Normandy represent five departments with 24 Missions Locales outlets, supporting approximately 50,000 beneficiaries. To understand the variety of situations to manage by all those Missions Locales, all Missions Locales were visited at least once, and all were surveyed on all the key topics that might define their value proposition.

The expertise provided in this context by Oliver Wyman makes it possible to greatly accelerate the rise of the associations supported by the foundation. Sometimes it can be the source of more personal commitments, such as the consultant who asked to be seconded to AFEV for six months. We bring to our associations the financial, strategic, and operational support essential for their growth, multiplied by the assistance of the most renowned financial backers and patrons, such as Oliver Wyman
Elisabeth Elkrief, CEO


After a two-month project, the value proposition (including target population, service offering, and potential alliances required to deliver it) was revised, consolidated, and approved by the 24 Missions Locales of the region, while we identified potential activity reallocations or cost reductions that would help the associations serve approximately 10 - 15 percent more beneficiaries with the same budget. In addition, we designed a measurement tool that would help track the impact of the associations according to their new value proposition.

Working on such a project has enabled me to understand how our mostly “corporate oriented” job can have a strong social impact. In fact, through the teams’ experience and Oliver Wyman work methodologies, we were able to bring a great, impactful deliverable to our client
Laila Mochtari, Consultant