Social Impact

Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Development of a promising strategy for the Deutschland Hilft Foundation

Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany's Relief Coalition, is a union of 23 renowned German relief organizations that provides rapid and effective aid in catastrophe and emergency situations abroad. To support the union, a new charity foundation was established four years earlier, which thus far had not had a distinct role or followed a clear strategy. The aim of the project was to bring the foundation to life by developing a new strategy. 


Over the course of six weeks, Oliver Wyman supported Aktion Deutschland Hilft in developing a sustainable strategy for the foundation as well as detailing an implementation plan. The first step was to analyze the current strategies of union and foundation, as well as their positioning within the context of the union's member organizations and the competitive landscape. Bringing together the diverse and innovative ideas already present in the organization and the ideas and insights from our Oliver Wyman team, enabled the development of a unique strategy. In a second step, the strategy was further detailed with regards to competitive positioning, financing, and implementation requirements.

The intesity with which the Oliver Wyman team took up our topics was astonishing. The close interaction helped us progress and we were delighted to see how a targeted analysis produced such promising results. We will continue to work with the findings from Oliver Wyman within a task force and are confident that we will be able to implement the results
Manuela Roßbach, CEO, Aktion Deutschland Hilft
With great expertise, the Oliver Wyman colleagues developed a strategy for the furture foundation Stiftung Deutschland Hilft. The collaborative approach and the required sensibility for the topic contributed to a quick establishment of trust on both sides. Oliver Wyman’s analysis capabilities, in depth understanding of the material, and experience with foundations led to practically implementable results
Dr. Markus Moke, Department Head Projects / Quality Assurance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft


After successful implementation, the foundation would complement the activities of the union and its members by focusing on the separate but synergistic topic of qualification and crisis prevention. This would allow the organization as a whole to bring together acute crisis relief, sustainable crisis prevention, and long-term professionalization of aid, thereby creating a solid foundation and the continuity needed to improve future humanitarian aid.

We really enjoyed working with Aktion Deutschland Hilft. The team is incredibly enthusiastic. There are many creative ideas already in the organization, as well as the courrage and energy to implement them
Oliver Wyman Team