Social Impact


Strategy and implementation planning for sustainable growth

PROUT AT WORK is a German foundation dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for LGBT*IQ people within the work environment. In the wake of a changing political sentiment and legal framework around LGBT*IQ in Germany and the EU, the organization aims to be a think tank, advisor and shaper of change within the work environment. Therefore, the foundation both connects grassroots employee networks to share best practices and educates employers on how to create a better workplace for people regardless of sexual orientation, identity, expression and characteristics. Within a few years after its founding, the organization has convinced 30 companies to follow its lead but is starting to face challenges in its distinct value proposition as well as internal capacities.


Over a six-week period, Oliver Wyman supported PROUT AT WORK in developing a strategic outline until 2023 as well as initial implementation guidelines. The first step comprised an analysis of the growth journeys of nine comparable organizations to understand common challenges and best practices. Apart from that, Oliver Wyman interviewed two executives with relevant experience in the diversity and LGBT*IQ space. The second step was to identify the needs of employees and employers of member companies to set a direction for the value PROUT AT WORK could provide in the future. This was done via a multitude of interviews with key stakeholders from employee networks, HR and Diversity Management of the member companies. Finally, by combining insights from interviews, benchmarks, and Oliver Wyman’s experience, the project team developed a comprehensive strategy and implementation roadmap in collaboration with PROUT AT WORK’s leadership.  


Working together with Oliver Wyman was simply great. We were highly impressed by the team, both on a personal level and in terms of their skill set. We had support from a strong team that brought exactly the right capabilities we need for our organization
Albert Kehrer, Co-Founder and CEO, PROUT AT WORK Foundation
To me, fostering LGBT*IQ inclusion as a moral directive and a core business capability is a no-brainer. PROUT AT WORK plays a crucial role in this, both as an expert and a co-creator. We’re happy to be part of this success and make a meaningful contribution towards LGBT*IQ equality in the workplace
Dominik Weh, Partner , Oliver Wyman


Implementing the new strategy – including a new portfolio of service offerings, a more sophisticated membership model, and the key success factors for future development – will allow the foundation to grow sustainably and professionalize its offering. Leveraging the existing infrastructure, network, and events the foundation has built over the years, the set of recommendations developed by Oliver Wyman will allow PROUT AT WORK to be at the forefront of making LGBT*IQ equal opportunity a reality.