Aiding Anidan

Raising Funds by Rounding Down

Members of Oliver Wyman's offices in Spain have developed an easy way to help generate funds for those in need. The "Round Down in Payroll" program lets firm members voluntarily round their paycheck down to the nearest whole euro and then donate the remaining change to a charity the office has selected.

That charity was Anidan, an NGO that has developed over the past 10 years. Anidan is an Orphan School in Kenya with 200+ children and an attached pediatric hospital jointly run with the Pablo Horstman Foundation.

The Result

52% of the Iberia Office (Madrid and Barcelona) donated to Anidan in 2015. Firm members raised 4480 euros. But most important, Anidan now knows they will receive a donation on a regular basis, enabling them to plan and make commitments they would not be able to do otherwise.