A Virtual Concert for Real Life Miracles

In the summer of 2020 a few talented singers from Oliver Wyman’s actuarial families pulled their talents together and took to center stage…virtually. Taylor Lee Moran, Liz Becker and Taylor Fowler brought a little bit of extra sunshine to a camp in Florida that finds beauty in all children and their differences. Dream Oaks Camp in Brandenton, Florida is the only organization in the Southwest Region of Florida that provides year-round weekend, spring break and summer residential camp sessions for children with varying ability levels and chronic/terminal medical conditions. 

Dream Oaks also targets families as a whole, focusing on overall family health and well-being. Their program is designed to give parents and caregivers a three and/or five day respite, which has been proven helpful in allowing parents to “recharge their batteries,” spend time with other children and/or their spouse, or perform necessary adult tasks such as grocery shopping, or work.

Within the Dream Oaks’ budget, approximately 25% comes from fundraisers.  Due to COVID-19 all of Dream Oaks’ fundraisers were either canceled or postponed. We learned that some members of the Actuarial practice had very talented singers in the family, we knew a concert was possible. Knowing that a “fun” zoom call was desperately needed and that the camp was seeking donations, the team of singers and marketers were assembled to put on the virtual concert.

Singing a medley of Disney and pop culture songs, Taylor, Taylor, and Liz took the stage and captivated the Actuarial Practice. Their voices projected over the web and into everyone’s homes, providing joy and cheer in a way that has been nearly impossible amidst a global pandemic. The concert brought the practice together, and also helped Dream Oaks keep one fundraising initiative alive. With MMC’s matching gifts program for colleagues, the group raised over $11,000. 

Comradery, community, and compassion we’re all felt throughout the call. Even with the “clunkiness” of tech transitions, screen shares, and wifi hiccups- it was spectacular. We can’t thank the people at Dream Oaks enough for the time and energy they give to the camp. It is people like that, that are truly making the world a better place. We were extremely happy and fortunate to be part of that world for one day. COVID-19 is strong, but the human spirit amongst Oliver Wyman colleagues is much stronger.