Ronan O'Kelly
Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking, Europe
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From advising clients on strategy and growth to delivering new digital businesses, Ronan’s work is centered on transforming wholesale banks. Leading the Corporate and Institutional Banking practice in Europe, he works with clients across the wholesale banking to grow their business and reshape their business models for the future. 

We’re helping clients to build the corporate banks of the future. We are often looking at a business model that hasn’t changed in decades and working with teams to ask, how can they serve their customers better?

Collaborating with leading global and regional banks, infrastructure and technology providers, Ronan is focused on strategy and transformational change. His work encompasses restructuring, growth and innovation to help European and international banks capture growth and deliver better shareholder returns. One of the most important outcomes of his work with clients is an increased focus on end customers. This applies particularly to digital transformation, where establishing a bold vision and making change happen helps to deliver value. He specialises in corporate banking, payments and trade finance and new digital business models.

Ronan credits Oliver Wyman’s team dynamic and quality of work with spurring his decision to join the firm and continue his career here. Operating in a non-hierarchical environment, where ideas quickly translate into action, he has continued delivering for clients at each stage. 

It’s a hugely privileged position to be in at every level, seeing the most pressing problems that are facing complex institutions. You can be part of solving problems at pace and ask, why is that the case and how can it be better?

Outside of work, Ronan is a proud father of three and enjoys all forms of nautical activity.