Paola Garbini Named Heroes 100 Executives Role Model

We’re proud to announce that our European head of marketing, Paola Garbini, has been included in the Heroes 100 Executives Role Model List 2023. This recognition is for leaders who are championing women in business and driving change for gender diversity in the workplace.

Paola spearheads mentoring initiatives both within and outside the company, supporting colleagues and young talent in their professional journey across various regions. She is an active participant in Oliver Wyman's Refugee Hiring Program, creating opportunities for refugees in the marketing department.

Outside of the company, Paola is the visionary founder of the NOI Club, an international community of more than 4,000 women across 30 countries. The club is dedicated to connecting and uplifting women in business, where she curates impactful initiatives, including virtual sessions and partnerships, empowering women to exchange skills and achieve their goals. Paola's dedication also extends to academia, where she co-founded Her Innovation Collective with the University of Warwick, empowering young female students through workshops and mentorship. Furthermore, as a founding member of Brussels Binder Beyond, she advocates for women experts, contributing to innovative toolkits and empowering women's voices on a larger scale.

Supporting diversity is always a great idea. It should become a habit for every one of us
Paola Garbini, European Head of Marketing, Oliver Wyman