David Connah Named Outstanding LGBTQ+ Role Model

We’re proud to announce that our consultant, David Connah, has been included in the Outstanding LGBTQ+ Future Leaders Role Model List 2023. This recognition is for individuals who are making a significant contribution to LGBTQ+ inclusion at work.

David (he/they) is a consultant at Oliver Wyman. They have been a driving force behind LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion efforts at the firm's Australian arm through their leadership of the PrOWd employee group.

David’s commitment brings increased awareness and education to foster a supportive LGBTQ+ network for within the firm and the wider Australian community. They have championed a multitude of impactful initiatives, such as the global PrOWd mentoring network, which connects LGBTQ+ colleagues, and a spotlight series highlighting crucial moments in Australian LGBTQ+ history, with a focus on the contributions of Brotherboys and Sistergirls.

Outside of Oliver Wyman, David has received recognition for their advocacy and engagement, including being a finalist for the Australian National University Young Alumni of the Year and the ACON Honour Young Achiever Award. They continue to be a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion in both corporate and external spaces.

From a young age I realized my 'identity' was integral to me. Accepting and understanding myself took time. Leaving the comfort of known structures was daunting, yet it provided the space I needed for self-discovery. Today, I strive to show the diverse faces of being LGBTQ+ and inspire young people to own their queer identity
David Connah, Consultant, Oliver Wyman