John Sibbald: OUTstanding LGBTQ+ Future Leader

The global OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists showcase LGBTQ+ business leaders and allies who are breaking down barriers and creating more inclusive workplaces across the world.

John is the Global Co-Lead of PrOWd, the LGBTQ+ Network at Oliver Wyman. In this role, he has focused his leadership efforts on raising awareness and driving empathy around diversity of gender identity via a network re-brand (from GLOW to PrOWd), a pronouns campaign, and a panel on gender non-conformity and the trans experience.

I believe that everyone, regardless of their gender or sexuality, should feel empowered and equipped to achieve the amazing.
John Sibbald

Additionally, John has presented on trans inclusivity (going beyond the "G" and "L" in LGBTQ+ inclusivity) to colleagues across North and South America. He has spearheaded a global LGBTQ+ mentorship program, pairing 35+ LGBTQ+ mentees with senior leaders. He is a mentor for several queer junior consultants and has reverse-mentored firm leaders on inclusive practices to embed into teams.

In his home region of the Americas, John has supported 10+ offices in hosting dozens of events to celebrate LGBTQ+, promote belonging, and educate on LGBTQ+ issues, including active allyship, gender non-conformity, the history of Pride, and coming out best practices.

John brings his personal “BOLD” brand to every aspect of his life and leadership, in an effort to tear down barriers facing all minority communities.