Warsaw Taskforce Wins European Diversity Award For Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

The Warsaw Taskforce provides immediate and direct support for refugees fleeing from war-torn Ukraine to Poland. 

The Taskforce began as a special project at the beginning of the war in Ukraine by members of our Warsaw office organising into a group, creating a strategic plan for how they could have maximum impact, and sourcing funding from Oliver Wyman's global leadership team to put their plan into action. 

When the war in Ukraine started, we were all in disbelief. We felt hopeless and scared, but from this dark moment emerged a movement of solidarity, compassion, and selflessness
Malgorzata Szewczuk, Digital Content Manager, Warsaw Office

The Taskforce:

  • finds temporary and permanent housing for families
  • assists with paperwork 
  • helps find work for adults and school places for young people and children
  • collects and delivers supplies to selected NGOs
  • provides financial aid through international crowdfunding
  • buys groceries and pays for housing for people newly arrived in Poland from Ukraine.

In addition to funds, Oliver Wyman ensured colleagues involved in the Warsaw Taskforce had capacity to take time away from their usual work to participate in this vital humanitarian work. 

We will welcome a day when the Warsaw Taskforce's raison d’etre will cease to exist and that Ukraine will once again be at peace. Slava Ukrainie!
Marta Wierzbicka, Regional Design and Production Manager, Warsaw Office