Oliver Wyman Australia Certified Family Inclusive Workplace

Oliver Wyman Australia is proudly certified a Family Inclusive Workplace by Family Friendly Workplaces since May 2022, a community of progressive organisations united in driving global and sustainable change by creating family-friendly workplaces.

In May 2021, Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia developed a set National Work + Family Standards, and launched the Family Inclusive Workplace certification to recognise organisations committed to supporting employees meet their work, family and wellbeing needs.

Since 2022, Oliver Wyman Australia has:

  • Overhauled its paid parental leave scheme for its employees that provides both primary and secondary carers 26 weeks paid leave, recognizing the importance of a workplace that is accessible, inclusive, and supportive for all parents
  • Embedded "Reintegr8" to ease the return from parental leave. Parents can work four days a week at full pay for the first eight weeks after their parental leave
  • Continued to improve family-friendly initiatives such as flexible work support, providing options for employees to work at a reduced capacity
  • Seen a reduction in turnover based on improved flexibility around family needs
Being a family friendly workplace is fundamentally more than offering simple flexibility around family commitments – it’s goes to the heart of an organisation’s culture and the value it places on performance, wellbeing and inclusion. It’s about enabling people to reconcile work and life responsibilities by addressing systemic cultural and gender bias challenges that stifle productivity, engagement and equality in the workplace
Emma Walsh, Founder of Family Friendly Workplaces and Parents at Work CEO