Rupal Kantaria: A Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executive

Rupal Kantaria has been included in INvolve’s EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model List 2020. 

Rupal is Director of the Oliver Wyman Forum. This is the third year Rupal has featured on the EMpower lists, having previously been recognized as a Top 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leader in 2018 and a Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executive in 2019. She stands for the fundamental principles of human dignity, equity, community, and mutual respect.

It is a huge honour and privilege to be named alongside leaders who are my own role models

The accolades recognize her expansive and committed work to take diversity and inclusion to the next level, both within the Oliver Wyman and beyond. While her achievements are significant and varied, some highlights include being the co-organiser of the annual House of Commons BAME International Women’s Day Speaker Showcase, co-founding MissionINCLUDE, acting as an expert commentator on ethncity issues for the BBC, and supporting other women of colour who have experienced the loss of a child.

Rupal is particularly passionate about representation of Black people at all levels within large organisations. 

The Black Lives Matter movement is heart breaking, but it is also powerful in that is has roused many who were previously inactive to understand and improve the treatment of Black people in society