Rebecca Emerson Recognized In British LGBT+ Awards As Top 10 Corporate Ally

Rebecca Emerson has worked to make Oliver Wyman a more inclusive workplace. Her work as a senior ally to the LGBT+ community in particular has led her to be named a top corporate ally in the 2019 British LGBT+ awards.

Rebecca has published multiple articles on inclusion in City AM, the Huffington Post, and on her LinkedIn blog, and driven the efforts that placed Oliver Wyman in the Stonewall Top 100 Inclusive Employers for the first time ever in 2019. She speaks at internal and external events on LGBT+ topics and in 2018 was named in the Financial Times as a Top 100 Straight Ally Executive.

By talking how LGBT+ discrimination has affected my family, I open dialogue with people in my social circle to discuss and debate LGBT+ issues and, hopefully, help people become aware of and challenge any biases they have
Rebecca Emerson

The British LGBT+ awards run as a non-for-profit initiative aiming to recognise the efforts of those who go an extra mile to achieve equality and fair treatment for all. The awards also support various charities that work for LBGT+ rights. Find out more about the awards here.