The Arabian Gulf Economies

Asset Rich, Transforming, And Full Of Opportunities

The oil and gas wealth of the Gulf countries has enabled one of the biggest economic booms in human history. However, fluctuating oil prices, ongoing replacement of fossil fuels and slow transformation of some economies, render to questioning if the Gulf economies are entering a period that might lead to deep economic turmoil.

Many other oil and gas producing countries have not been able to deal with economic crises despite having even bigger reserves and abundant water and farmland. Yet Gulf economies have shown themselves to be fundamentally resilient to turmoil.

In our report on the economies of the Arabian Gulf, we look at what makes them so resilient, and what is required for them to transform into post-oil economies. The report elaborates on factors such as:

- A strong asset position that provides the base for a formidable economic transformation and diversification plans
- Why demand for fossil-fuel will continue into the foreseeable future
- The region’s risk profile as a key transformation enabler

The report outlines areas of growth opportunities in the region over the next five years

The Arabian Gulf Economies