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What We Do

Our innovative thinking and strategic advice helps clients in the payer, provider, digital health, and life sciences sectors realize their most ambitious organizational and operational visions by bridging the gap between their business today and their vision for the future.

At Oliver Wyman, we are focused on creating positive change in healthcare, but we know we can’t do it all ourselves. Together, with today's leading healthcare experts and innovators, we’ve built a community to share and shape ideas that will transform healthcare. We work to ensure industry transformation through generating meaningful client impact, delivering strategic insights, and creating a healthcare system that meets the needs of communities and companies.  


Our mission is to generate meaningful collaboration between cross-industry experts in order to nurture and inspire continued growth around the industry.


Oliver Wyman Health, our digital publication, is a virtual community of innovators showcasing ongoing strategic thinking about transforming care, engaging consumers, driving innovation, and maximizing value.


The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center is designed to create a healthcare system that is driven by innovation and consumers' needs, creating value for companies and the public alike.


What We Think

Future Truths: Inevitable and Inspiring

Health Innovation Journal Volume 4

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Decoding Our Future

How the industry will evolve over the next 10 years.

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Data sharing will come of age

Access will become commoditized.

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Health On Demand

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Learned Lessons Amidst COVID-19

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Is It Time for a Digital-Only System?

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Leading in Uncertain Times

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How Will COVID-19 Unfold?

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Who We Are



Pandemic Navigator

Pandemic forecasts and scenarios connected to economic and business outcomes

COVID-19 Almanac

A central COVID-19 almanac covering the latest status from an epidemiologic perspective, the key scenarios that can play out over time, and core considerations as economies reopen

Health Insurance Mix Shift Modeling

Our model helps clients understand the impact of high unemployment rates on the future health insurance mix